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Raspberry pink bubbles form a tiny non-persistent froth that reveals their finesse. Delicate scents of rose petals, cherries and strawberries pleasantly tease your nose. Dry and quite sparkling, it then unveils notes of cherry pie, red currants and blackberries. Les Vergers de la Colline developed a exclusive technique where crab apple skins undergo maceration with apple juice for a while before the fermentation process begins. High quality nectar gifted with that particular “sunshiny” taste that will seduce just about everyone. A wonderful aperitif, especially if you serve it in an attractive champagne crystal glass and garnish it with a few chilled strawberries.
  • Origen QUEBEC
  • Cervecera Cidrerie Milton
  • Estilo -
  • 6.5 ALC/VOL
  • Formatos:
    • bottle 24x355 ml

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