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Style -- Mythology is a modern Pilsner with its roots in the golden Czech-style beer. American style Pilsners are but a pre-prohibition US adaptation of the style by German immigrants, so we claim a Canadian style craft-brewed Pilsner with our classic European malt bill brushed with traditional noble Saaz hops forged by the creativity of the Flying Monkeys.
Taste – An original Canadian craft-brewed Pilsner is exactly what session drinkers and balanced beer lovers crave. Czech-inspired but modernized by the Flying Monkeys, our brilliant Canadian Golden Pilsner pours with a dense white head and lively sparkling body and finishes with a with soupçon of traditional noble Saaz hops.
Drinkers – For craft beer beginners, craft beer lovers, and Pilsner drinkers looking for a food-friendly, original local brew.
Serve With -- Pilsners are a great balance to spicy, complex foods, but also bring out the best in simple, sweet desserts. Keeping with the Canadian Golden Pilsner’s Eastern European origins, perogies are but one a creative food pairing with this lively, balanced beer.


  • Origin ONTARIO
  • Brewery Flying Monkeys
  • Style PILSNER
  • 5.3 ALC/VOL
  • Formats:
    • bottles 24x355ml
  • OG: 12.3
  • Ingredients: Water, Malts (Pilsner 2, Pale 2, Carafoam, Caramel/Crystal), Hops (Saaz, Hallertauer), Yeast (Lager)

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